Gymnastics... The Basic Training For All Sports!

Gymnastics training benefits the gymnasts physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.  Some of these beneifts include coordination development, increased flexibility, strength, power, balance, self-esteem and confidence in themselves and their abilities.  They will also expand their active listening skills while learning lessons and following directions.  Whether you join gymnastics for social interaction or to develop skills that enhance other sports,  you will have fun learning to set and achieve goals while practicing fundamental movements!

Classes are designed to utilize our gymnastics equipment such as wedges, barrels, springboards, and trampolines along with specific skill progressions helping to develop strength, flexibility, and balance. The focus is overall fitness, coordination, and agility improving for all sports.


GymTastic Curriculum
Garnet Valley instructors are specialists in designing challenges disguised as FUN and encouraging kids to go beyond their perceived limitations. Recreational gymnastics is designed to provide a non-competitive, achievement-oriented program of progressive skills.

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Placement Cards
In order to ensure each student is sufficiently accomplishing skills, we use "placement cards." These cards track a student's progress throughout our program. As students complete new skills, placement cards will be filled out by their coaches. Once all the skills on the card are completed successfully, the coach will give the card to the parent and suggest a more challenging class to enroll in.

GymFest is Award Day.  An exciting event for the entire family.  Designed expressly for fun and personal achievement. “Where every child is a winner”. (Held in May)

Class breakdown

We use grade as the primary variable for determining your child’s class time. Considering each child’s experience and skill level we divide classes into logical, homogeneous groups. After trying different methods of “placement”, we have found this approach offers an excellent training situation for kids. It also allows us to be more flexible regarding personal scheduling problems.

School Age Class Descriptions 2019-20


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